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  • 7 Ways to Sparkle Like Diamonds

    Since ancient times, diamonds have been admired objects of desire. Stones that are colorless through light yellow (on the industry’s color-grading scale) are the most abundant. Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color. According to some legends, diamonds were created when lightning struck rocks; according to others, diamonds had great healing powers. For centuries, this gemstone has been viewed as the ultimate gift and symbol of eternal love. Imitation diamonds (called brilliants, pastes, strass, rhinestones and diamanté) have been used to make beautiful jewelry as early as the 15th century.

    Who Can Wear Colorless Gems?

    Colors are classified as either cool (greens, blues, and violets) or warm (reds, oranges, and yellows). If you’ve heard of Seasonal Color Analysis, you know that it categorizes people into four seasons, based on the undertone of their skin. Those with a cool (blue) undertone are Winter or Summer; those with a warm (yellow) undertone are Autumn or Spring. More recently, the four seasonal palettes have been expanded, to take into account the fact that many people have a neutral undertone and many have coloring characteristics common to more than one season.

    In terms of jewelry, white metals are suggested for cool palettes, yellow metals for warm palettes, along with gemstones that match one’s color palette. So where do colorless diamonds fit on this spectrum? They’re considered cool and are recommended for women whose coloring defines them as an Autumn. Does that leave the rest of us out in the cold? Of course not! Whether your palette is warm, cool, or neutral, you can add sparkle to your wardrobe with diamond and diamanté jewelry. Let me show you how.

    Wearing Diamanté Jewelry with a Warm Palette

    1. This Diamanté & Gold Starfish 1950s Brooch & Earrings Set is really dazzling. The stones have an iridescent coating (aurora borealis), which makes them shimmer. In the gold-tone setting, they take on the color of the metal, so the overall effect is very warm.

    On the left, Go for the Bold features an outfit for an Autumn palette: the colors are deep and earthy. This ensemble could be worn to the office or just about any time you want to look good and get noticed. Pumpkin Spice, on the right, is more of a Spring palette, with the luscious coral dress as the centerpiece. I’ve added the earrings that match the brooch, for a dressier look.


    2. Snake-chain necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and pendant brooches were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s. This example – my Diamanté & Gold Snake Chain 1950s Necklace – has an embellished centerpiece. The predominance of gold makes this piece very appropriate for a warm palette. This style of necklace looks best with a round neckline.

    Here are two outfits for Autumns. When in Doubt Wear Red, the outfit on the left, shows olive and bright red finished with dark brown shoes. On the right, Personal Style features navy blue and gold, navy shoes, and gold accessories. I’ve added my Gold 1940s Double Flexible Spiral Cuff with Buckle to take advantage of the bracelet-length sleeves on the cardigan. Even though this piece is from an earlier decade, it complements the style of the necklace. Both outfits include diamond stud earrings (real or faux, depending on what you have), which I consider to be a universal jeweled accessory.

    Wearing Diamanté Jewelry with a Cool Palette

    Here are two outfits for Winters, the only palette that includes black. Both ensembles feature diamanté set in white metal. For Black and White, on the left, I’ve pinned my Black Enamel & Diamanté ‘Rose of Seville’ 1950s Brooch to the black denim jacket, to play off the black-and-white tweed skirt. You could wear a black blazer instead. The brooch comes with matching earrings, but I’ve chosen diamond studs. I like the punch of color added with a burgundy bag.

    On the right, femme fatale features a pink patterned dress styled for evening. The Diamanté Trembler 1950s Earrings are exceptional. The jeweled flowers (which complement the floral pattern on the dress) actually tremble from the stationary leaves that front the ear clips. My Diamanté & Sterling 1940s Bracelet and a Swarovski crystal studded wrap complete the jeweled accessories.

    For Summers, I’ve put together a sweater and jeans outfit adorned with my Diamanté Winged Art Deco Double-clip Brooch. This piece can be worn as a brooch, as shown, or as two separate dress clips. Double-clip brooches were THE jeweled accessory in the 1930s and 1940s. The Summer palette features muted colors with a blue undertone. The v-neck of this mushroom sweater suits the linear design of the jewel. I chose a sweater and jeans outfit to illustrate how, with a little thought, you can Be Stylish with casual wear. Once again, I’ve shown diamond studs for more sparkle. After all, when you meet friends for brunch, you’ll want to shine.

    For More Diamanté Jewels

    See my April birthstone collection here.

    For More Styling Inspiration

    Check out my How to Sparkle Like Diamonds with Vintage Jewels collection of casual, office, and evening wear adorned with TruFaux Jewels.

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