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5 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Jewels

5 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Jewels
July 20, 2016 Barbara Schwartz
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New ideas for storing costume jewelry

One question I’m often asked is: What’s the best way to keep my jewels in good condition? Here are some tips for storing costume jewelry.

  • Put your pieces in a clean and dry place, away from a heat source.
  • Keep you jewelry organized to avoid tangling and damage and to enable you to easily find what you want to wear.
  • Choose a container divided into compartments so the pieces don’t touch each other. Or put individual pieces in pouches or bags to keep them separated.
  • Keep sterling silver in tarnish-resistant cloth.
  • Get into the habit of putting away the pieces you’ve just worn when you take them off at the end of the day.

You may want to keep your jewels out of site in velvet-lined, divided drawers in a dresser or closet. Here are some storage options that are beautiful to look at and that allow you to get to your pieces easily.

Under glass

The Antique Gold collection of glass jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn make for beautiful displays on a dresser or bedroom vanity.

Storing costume jewelry in glass jewelry box

In a box

Definitely not a traditional jewelry box, Tiffany’s Wave Jewelry Box by Elsa Peretti® is understated and elegant in warm Italian leather.

Elegant jewelry box by Elsa Peretti

In a teacup

This beautiful idea comes from (of course!). If you’re not using those vintage teacups for Oolong, they might have a happier life tucked in a drawer with your baubles.

Storing costume jewelry in tea cups, by Martha Stewart

On the wall

If space is at a premium, consider hanging a mirrored jewelry armoire in your closet, bedroom, or even the upstairs hallway.

Wall mounted jewelry armoire

In leather

A pretty leather jewelry roll is perfect for travel but can also be a convenient way to store your go-to pieces every day. Wolf offers a selection of styles, sizes, and colors that look like wallets. This style (called Palermo) is available in coral, brown, and blush.

Leather jewelry roll for travel and home storage

Once you find your perfect storage solution

I invite you to browse the TruFaux Jewels boutique to fill it with sparkly vintage pieces.

Comments (6)

  1. Ericha 6 years ago

    Love the teacup idea!

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 6 years ago

      Why am I not surprised? Best regards, Barbara

  2. Patricia Gostick 6 years ago


    Another useful idea is to take an empty picture frame & nail or staple some fine mesh to the back of it – perfect for displaying pierced earrings.


    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 6 years ago

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing, Patricia!

  3. For decades I struggled with how to store all my bijoux. I used to import costume jewelry from Paris and Milan, so I had a lot of my own pieces, which was overwhelming enough. When my mother passed away, I inherited hers and her mother’s, too, so now I have triple the amount., ranging from Victorian to Deco (my fave) to 14K gold to Native American and more. I got by with a variety of boxes shelved in my dressing closet plus a couple of those hanging plastic compartment numbers. Mother always kept her jewelry in a really ugly but practical jewelry box that has 5 drawers, each with different shape partitions. I never imagined I’d want it, but now that it’s mine I find it indispensable! I’m able to keep more than 50 pairs of earrings in the earring drawer alone!

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 6 years ago

      Another great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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