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Art Deco Chic: Wearing Amethyst with Brown

Art Deco Chic: Wearing Amethyst with Brown
September 17, 2013 Barbara Schwartz

One of the readers of my last article (Art Deco Chic: Wearing Amethyst with Today’s Trends) posted this comment:  “I love putting those purples with chocolate brown”. She inspired me to create some outfits with dark brown paired with amethyst jewelry, to illustrate a lovely color combination that doesn’t always come to mind even though it’s right in style. Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Fall 2013 names Carafe, “a rich, glamorous brown”, among this season’s top 10 colors for women’s fashion and one that provides “more interesting and sophisticated alternatives to the black basics usually worn in colder months”.

So let’s take a look at combining two of this season’s top fashion colors for three different looks. Each one features classic, one-of-a-kind vintage costume jewelry pieces from the Art Deco collection on the TruFaux Jewels website. To give you some ideas, I’ve selected modern, business-appropriate clothing to wear with one or more of the featured jewels. Each of the ensembles below also incorporates another of this season’s fashion trends.

For the Office

This outfit features a chocolate brown leather pencil skirt with a leopard print blouse in black and tones of brown.  (Leopard prints are especially in style this season.)  The shoes are brown and black, and the purse is black.  You could easily wear a black skirt, brown or black shoes, and/or a purple bag.  The quilting in the purse and the filigree in the earrings add texture, and the amethyst earrings add elegance to this classic, tailored look. Click through to see my Amethyst & Filigree Drop Art Deco Earrings.

Day to Evening

This basic chocolate brown dress can be accessorized in so many ways!  I’ve added a graphic scarf with tones of brown and purple along with rootbeer snake patent-leather, peep-toe pumps for a touch of Retro 40s glam (another trend this season). The violet in the clutch is echoed in the Amethyst & Filigree Earrings (which come with a pendant, all seen here) and Amethyst & Diamanté Bracelet (see here).  This look is just right for the office and that after-work event.

Smart Casual

The purple blouse and Amethyst & Pearl Drop Earrings (seen here) add a pop of color to this classic brown and black outfit.  The ankle boots are right in style, and this ensemble can be worn on a casual work day or out to lunch with friends.


For More Amethyst Vintage Costume Jewelry

Visit the February Birthstone Jewelry collection to see additional amethyst pieces from the 1920s-1950s.

Comments (2)

  1. Mary Reyes 9 years ago

    Ohh Barbara !!

    Would you believe I was just asking what were the fashion colors going to be for Fall 2013??? I really was !! Thank you so much. I love your blog. And I have loved the ART DECO style of jewelry since I was a baby !! Yes, my Mom wore that kind of jewelry a lot too. And well the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Your blogs are always so informative and fun to read. I am hooked on your blog 🙂 The colors for this fall and very pretty. I have never put Brown and Purple together before but I will now. Oh no, I mean Carafe and Acai, better yet. How cool !! I think because of you and your blog there are a lot more women looking more like fashion mavens 😉

    You are the best Barbara 🙂 Thank you for culturing me on colors and Elsa Shapirelli.

    With Highest Regards,
    Mary Reyes

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 9 years ago

      Thanks for your praise, Mary. I’ll be writing more about wearing fall colors, so keep reading! Regards, Barbara

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