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Art Deco Chic: Wearing Amethyst with Today’s Trends

Art Deco Chic: Wearing Amethyst with Today’s Trends
August 21, 2013 Barbara Schwartz

With all of the attention brought to the Art Deco style by Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, fashionistas craved the flapper clothing and opulent Tiffany jewels worn in the film by Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Debicki (the tall, dark-haired, athletic Jordan Baker character). The glamorous look of the 1920s dominated the runways and red carpet from New York Fashion Week 2011 until the film opened in May, when demand for the Gatsby-look reached fever pitch.

With the fall season and its new trends fast approaching, should we forget about Art Deco chic? I don’t think so. While the jewelry in the movie was Art Deco-inspired and very exaggerated in style, the classic lines, high-quality materials and variety of colors found in many of the costume jewelry pieces produced in the 1920s-1930s make them as wearable today as when they were first made. Those who wear only the latest clothing trends, those who want to update classic clothing by incorporating trendy accessories, and those who want to invest in classic, timeless pieces will all be interested in authentic Art Deco jewelry.

People always ask me when I wear my Art Deco and other vintage costume jewelry pieces – the answer is every day. In fact, I often decide which jewels I want to wear and then build an outfit around them. That’s the approach I’ve taken for this blog post, just to give you some ideas. I’ve selected four amethyst pieces (one of the top 10 colors for fall 2013 women’s fashion) from the boutique’s Vintage Art Deco collection and chosen modern, business-appropriate clothing and accessories to wear with the featured jewels.  Each of the ensembles below incorporates one of this fall’s fashion trends.

Classic Prints

Floral prints that were popular in the spring and summer have been replaced for fall by classic prints inspired by menswear. This example shows a hounds-tooth jacket over a black skirt and tee-shirt. The purse is also black, but the shoes and jewelry are purple. Click through to see this Amethyst Triangle Necklace and this Amethyst & Diamanté Bracelet. You could easily wear black pants or a white shirt or black shoes with a black or purple bag. This black-and-white look is the perfect backdrop for brightly-colored accessories.

Leopard Prints

While animal prints have been in style for some time now, trend-spotters say that leopard is particularly in vogue, especially if the print is in colors other than classic brown and black. This example shows a simple blouse and trousers outfit that has been dressed-up with accessories. The blouse is a leopard print in purple and black. I like to emphasize a color from my clothes in my shoes and/or bag and with my jewelry – in this case, these Amethyst & Pearl Drop Earrings, seen here.



According to, gray should be considered “the new neutral”.  Although the article discussed deeper shades such as slate and charcoal, this outfit begins with a simple medium-gray ruched cotton-jersey dress and continues with deeper gray accessories and purple jewelry: this Amethyst Lariat Necklace and these Amethyst & Diamanté Dangling Earrings.

For More Amethyst Vintage Costume Jewelry

Visit the February Birthstone Jewelry collection to see additional amethyst pieces from the 1920s-1950s.

Comments (7)

  1. Lori Bisback 9 years ago

    Wow, fast work, love the amethyst fashion layout… striking!
    ….as I knew it would be!!

  2. Bonnie Margolis 9 years ago

    Very smart…!

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 9 years ago

      Thanks, Bonnie! Stay tuned for more suggestions on wearing vintage costume jewelry with today’s fashion trends.

  3. i love your site and insight, i love putting those purples with chocolate brown.

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for your comment! You’ve inspired me to put together some outfits with chocolate brown and my amethyst jewels. Stay tuned …

  4. Deborah Knight 9 years ago

    I love the classic pieces in grey and purple with your jewellery.

    • Author
      Barbara Schwartz 9 years ago

      Thanks, Deborah. Have you thought about wearing amethyst with brown or green?

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