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Art Deco Is Chic!

Art Deco Is Chic!
April 12, 2015 Barbara Schwartz

According to fashion experts, interest in Art Deco jewelry is on the rise. Because of this trend, Polyvore* had a contest last week in honor of the Easter holiday weekend. Participants were invited to create outfits (sets in Polyvore parlance) that each featured a gorgeous piece of Art Deco jewelry and showed what the participant would wear with it that weekend. As you may know, Art Deco is my favorite style of vintage costume jewelry and one that I think is always in vogue. So this contest got my creative juices flowing. I submitted many outfits by the contest deadline, but I just couldn’t stop creating more until today. So here is my Art Deco Chic! collection on Polyvore: 57 outfits for spring/summer that feature pieces from the TruFaux Jewels website. You will find these pieces and more Art Deco jewelry here. As always, my goal is to inspire you to accessorize with vintage costume jewelry that is as unique and extraordinary as you are.

The Outfits

These outfits include a variety of looks for casual, office and evening wear.  I try to show how versatile the jewelry is by using the same pieces to accessorize different outfits and to suggest color combinations you may not have considered.  Many examples of what I call everyday basics (e.g., blue or black jeans, a white blouse or tee shirt, and a blazer; a dark skirt or pants and a white top) are included to inspire you to refresh your existing wardrobe with vintage costume jewelry in the latest hues.

The outfits presented below are in slide-show format, with the caption (my comments) at the bottom of each slide. If you like a particular outfit and want to see the detailed descriptions of the items shown, just click on the image to be transferred to the Polyvore site.


*About Polyvore

Read my blog post Paper Dolls for Grown-Ups, to find out how this platform works. But I must warn you: playing is addictive!

Your Feedback

I’m always interested in your feedback. Do you have any favorites among these outfits? Have I inspired you to wear vintage costume jewelry?  You can leave your comments below or register on Polyvore to like a set in the collection or a particular item (preferably a piece of jewelry!) in the set. The more likes my jewelry items receive on Polyvore, the greater the chance of users finding my pieces in their searches.

Comments (4)

  1. Avatar
    Patricia Gostick 5 years ago

    Love these Art Deco accessorized ensembles!

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      Thanks, Patricia! I do, too! Regards, Barbara

  2. Avatar
    Mary Jane Enros 5 years ago

    That was quite the task you took on, Barbara…well done with the pairing of the modern with your wonderful art deco jewelry!

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for your praise, Mary Jane. It’s wonderful to find out when a reader likes what I’m doing! Regards, Barbara

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