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Birthstone Jewelry

  • How to wear emerald costume jewelry with contemporary fashion

    7 Ways to Wear Emerald Costume Jewelry

    One of the most precious of all gemstones, emerald derives its name from the ancient Greek word for green. The first known emerald mines, which date to at least 330 BC in Egypt, supplied Cleopatra with her favorite gems. Because green is the color of spring, emerald is seen by many as the symbol of rebirth. Although it’s the birthstone for May, this luscious gem is popular with women born in other months of the year. Here are a few ideas on how to wear emerald costume jewelry.

    The Color

    The color emerald is associated with the richest landscapes and the lushest greens. Ireland is the Emerald Isle, and Seattle, the real-life Emerald City. In 2013, Pantone named it the Color of the Year, and I wrote about it in my very first blog post that February. But for me, this rich, elegant, and luxurious hue is always a top choice.

    Emerald gemstones range in color from blue-green to green. Greens are typically cool colors and, therefore, more flattering to women who look best in a cool color palette. However, some greens work for women whose color palette is warm, especially if the stones are set in gold-tone (warm) metal. Cool and warm are terms used in Seasonal Color Analysis.

    I’ve put together outfits for both cool and warm palettes, each styled with an emerald piece from TruFaux Jewels. The clothes are classics that you may have in your closet. One of my goals in providing styling tips is to inspire you to refresh your existing wardrobe with vintage costume jewelry.

    How to Wear It with a Cool Palette

    These first two outfits illustrate how you can dress up jeans, a denim jacket, and a tee shirt for a well-coordinated look that will take you to casual Fridays at the office, drinks with friends, and other off-duty activities. Substitute a blazer for the denim jacket, if that’s more your style. These jewels are set in white metal, which works well for cool palettes.

    In Brunch Style on the left, the v-neck of the tee shirt forms the perfect place to nestle this Emerald & Filigree Art Deco Necklace with Chicklets. The delicate metalwork in the necklace complements the Emerald, Diamanté & Sterling Filigree Art Deco Bracelet. The knotted earrings complete the jeweled accessories; you could also wear silver hoops, silver ball earrings, or diamond studs (to complement the diamanté in the bracelet).

    Another take on smart-casual, Easy Style features a bolder jewel: an Emerald & Diamanté Circle 1940s Brooch by McClelland Barclay. Pin it to the shoulder of your jacket or to the lapel, if you have one. The necklines of the tee and jacket and the silver hoop earrings repeat the shape of the brooch.

    Outfit paired with emerald & filigree Art Deco necklace and emerald & filigree Art Deco bracelet
    Denim outfits adorned with 1940s McClelland Barclacy emerald & silver-tone brooch

    Here are two outfits for the office or off-duty occasions when you want to dress up a bit. On the left, the denim sheath in Upgrade your Chic is topped with a white jacket with this Emerald & Diamanté Sunburst 1950s Brooch by Hattie Carnegie. Simple faux or real diamond studs complete the jewels. Notice that the necklines are round, like the shape of the brooch. You could easily substitute a dress in another cool color. The white jacket allows the colorful brooch to pop.

    I’ve always liked black, white, and red together, so why not black, white, and green? On the right, How Lovely! features a black ruffled skirt with a white blouse with three-quarter sleeves. I’ve added two 1950s jewels: Emerald & Diamanté Sunburst Earrings and an Emerald Chaton & Diamanté Bracelet (to adorn the bare wrist).

    Simple dress & jacket with sparkly emerald and diamante 1950s Hattie Carnegie brooch
    Black & white outfit with 1950s emerald & diamante earrings and bracelet

    How to Wear It with a Warm Palette

    These two jeans outfits can easily be dressed up with trousers. On the left, col.or.ful shows a blouse with a vibrant print that includes bright green. I’ve chosen these Emerald Bead Czech Art Deco Pendant Earrings to highlight the green. The round balls complement the round necklines of the top and jacket. You could substitute a more neutral jacket or cardigan, if this look is too dazzling for your taste.

    For Casual Friday, I’ve chosen this Emerald & Pavé Vermeil Bow 1950s Brooch to adorn the lapel of this chocolate blazer. If your jacket has no lapel, pin the brooch to your shoulder. I’ve chosen gold carved ball earrings to complement the openwork on the brooch. You could also wear faux or real diamond studs to go with the diamanté.

    Colorful outfit with emerald bead Art Deco pendant earrings
    Casual Friday outfit with Marcel Boucher bow brooch with emeralds

    This last outfit in beige and green – accessorize  is shown with this Emerald, Ruby, Pearl & Diamanté 1950s Double-clip Brooch worn two ways: as a single brooch (on the left) and as a pair of dress clips (on the right). Double-clip brooches (also known as Duettes and Clip-Mates) were the most essential jeweled accessory in the 1930s to 1940s because they were so versatile. Here the dress clips are fastened to the lapels of the jacket, which is how I like to wear them. You could also wear a single clip at the base of the v-neck of a top or dress, or wear both clips on a round- or square-neck top.

    Hattie Carnegie emerald, pearl & ruby brooch on a blazer lapel
    Emerald, pearl & ruby Hattie Carnegie dress clips on blazer lapels

    For More Emerald Jewels

    Click through to see the boutique’s May Birthstone Jewelry collection.

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