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Styling Tips

  • How to accessorize smart casual outfits

    From the Runway to Every Day

    If you think vintage costume jewelry is just for dressing up, think again! Yes, TruFaux Jewels walked the runway during Toronto Fashion Week for Spring 2019. But the same pieces can add a touch of glamour to your everyday attire. This month’s styling tips show you how to accessorize smart casual outfits – all based on jeans – with jewels that were worn by runway models dressed in evening and bridal wear.

    As usual, I’ve put together outfits for both warm and cool color palettes. In case you haven’t yet experienced seasonal color analysis or read my article How to Find Your Best Colors, let me define these terms. Those who look best in colors with gold or yellow undertones are Autumns or Springs – warm palettes – according to seasonal color analysis. Cool palettes – colors with blue undertones – work best for those who are defined as Winters or Summers. Here are some examples to inspire you.

    Warm Colors

    Autumns’ colors are earthy, while Springs’ are like fresh flowers. These four outfits feature hues that both seasons share.

    The first outfit – Brunch Style features light-brown jeans, a cream top, and a patterned cardigan that combines these colors with green. I’ve added a 1920s choker with emerald square stones set in frames and a 1930s emerald and sterling line bracelet. This necklace looks best on your skin, above the neckline of your top. Just fold back the cardigan sleeves to expose your jeweled wrist. Brown loafers and a green bag with studs complete this ensemble.

    On the right, Dressing Made Easy is adorned with wonderful topaz, green tourmaline & diamanté ear clips by Christian Dior. Oval and round stones in variations of brown and green are accented with diamanté and encircled with textured, gold-tone, intertwined rope. I’ve complemented the browns with leopard-print jeans and added green ballerina flats with gold studs. A cream silk blouse and cream bag complete this simple, yet elegant look.

    On the left is Go Green, which features jeans and a tee in variations of brown. The multi-colored, striped cardigan has browns and green, so I’ve chosen emerald as the accent. These 1950s emerald ear clips with pearl and diamanté are nearly two-inches long. Their size, design, and rich hue make them a statement piece, so you don’t need any other jewelry. I also love the color of the suede shoes!

    Purple Power, on the right, shows purple corduroy jeans topped with a cream top and cardigan embellished with this lovely 1920s necklace with amethyst chicklets. The name chicklet is a modern term used for necklaces with faceted, square-cut stones that sit on metal mounts. A top that allows the necklace to sit on your skin, above the neckline, is the perfect way to wear this piece. Purple pointed-toe loafers and a cream leather tote complete the ensemble.

    Cool Colors

    Winters look best in vivid colors, while Summers’ hues are more muted. These four ensembles feature colors that both seasons share.

    Street Style, on the left, shows dark-grey jeans topped with a white tee and purple cardigan adorned with this 1920s necklace with amethyst chicklets. Yes, it is the same as the one in Purple Power, above. This particular hue can be worn with both warm and cool palettes. A top that allows the necklace to sit on your skin, above the neckline, is the perfect way to wear this piece. I love shoes, so I’ve added glen-plaid, pointed-toe ballerinas with grey velvet tips. A white tote completes this look.

    The outfit on the right – Flower Power – features beautiful 1950s diamanté and bead flower ear clips. Made by Miriam Haskell, they have beaded petals surrounding a large, faceted, round diamanté center. These earrings go with everything! Here I’ve carried the floral pattern to the cardigan and bag, just for fun. In case you haven’t noticed, I love to mix bright blue with black and white.

    For Green Piece, on the left, I’ve paired 1950s onyx and crystal bi-color bead ear clips with a 1930s emerald and sterling line bracelet. Its classic Art Deco design makes it an easy style to mix with jewelry from another decade. Simply fold back the cardigan sleeves to reveal your jeweled wrist. This hue is a lovely compliment to the black-and-white top and earrings.

    On the right, Winter Style shows black-and-white leopard-print jeans with a black tee and burgundy cardigan. This 1950s crystal and sterling Art Deco-style necklace is a variation of the chicklet. The faceted, square-cut stones are set at an angle, which increases their sparkle. I’ve added 1920s crystal chicklet earrings – their screw-backs can be modified for pierced ears. Black pointed-toe, suede ballerinas and a burgundy bag complete this ensemble.

    For More Jewels

    Visit the Seen on the Runway collection to see these and the other bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that were worn at the Fashion Week event. You can read about my experience there in my blog post: “Jewelry on the Runway: A Modern Take on Vintage”.

    For More Smart Casual Outfits

    You can see these and other jeans-based outfits styled with runway jewels here.

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