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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Vintage Jewels

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Vintage Jewels
May 4, 2015 Barbara Schwartz

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, Polyvore is having a contest called Mother’s Day Must-Haves! to help users find the perfect gifts for this Sunday. As I’ve become somewhat addicted to the site, I just had to whip together six sets (collages) of vintage costume jewelry from the TruFaux Jewels website to submit to the contest and to suggest last-minute gifts to my readers. Each set has a color theme: Silver, Emerald, Black & White, Red, Blue and Yellow. Because I was unsuccessful with earlier Polyvore contests, before I assembled these sets I spent quite a bit of time looking at what others have submitted. Let me tell you – the competition is fierce! Many members create true works of art. But as I come from a no-talent gene pool, I can’t really compete on the same level. Even so, I have to admit that I’ve tried to come up with a more sophisticated look, which is a lot more time-consuming – hence, only six sets. So please be kind when you see what I’ve done to put my best design foot forward for this contest. And you might find the perfect gift for the woman you celebrate with on Mother’s Day!

[Sorry, these jewelry collections can no longer be displayed.]

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  1. Avatar
    Patricia Gostick 6 years ago

    Super job – I’d give you a prize!

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 6 years ago

      I wish you were one of the judges, Patricia! Thanks, Barbara

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