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‘Downton Abbey’ Style Earrings

‘Downton Abbey’ Style Earrings
January 6, 2017 Barbara Schwartz

Designed to complement the streamlined silhouette of 1920s fashion, earrings like these and other jewelry of that decade became accessories rather than ornaments of wealth. Fortunately we don’t have to dress like a flapper or Lady Mary to wear these amethyst and filigree drops today. They remain as appealing now as they were then.

How to Wear Them

Here we see Penny in an oversized, white long-sleeved shirt that’s embellished with a floral-print scarf in one of my favorite color combinations: navy and violet. The earrings emphasize the purple in the scarf. You can create this look with your favorite scarf in either a print with violet or solid violet. Then add jeans and a blazer, and you’re ready to go almost anywhere. Or put on a skirt and jacket for a dressier look. If you like violet as much as I do, you’ll complete your outfit with shoes or a bag in that hue.

Click through for details about and additional photos of these earrings.

For More 1920s Jewels

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