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A ‘Downton Abbey’ Style Necklace

A ‘Downton Abbey’ Style Necklace
May 16, 2016 Barbara Schwartz

Born in the 1920s, this 35-inch-long Amethyst and Crystal Bead Necklace was designed to compliment the long-waisted, slim fashion silhouette worn by the women of Downton Abbey and their real-life contemporaries. Although the clothing of that era is no longer in vogue or practical, pieces like this necklace never go out of style. As an adornment to a dress or top with virtually any neckline, this piece can be worn as a single long strand or doubled. Here we see Penny in an oversized white, long-sleeved shirt, with this necklace and Crystal Bead Art Deco Earrings. (You could wear amethyst studs instead, if you have them.) Notice how the purple beads pop on the white background. If you like this color as much as I do, you’ll add it to your ensemble with your choice of shoes or handbag.

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