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How to Wear February’s Birthstone: Amethyst

How to Wear February’s Birthstone: Amethyst
February 12, 2017 Barbara Schwartz

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, occurs in hues ranging from deep purple to pale bluish-violet to lilac or mauve. This gemstone derives its name from the Greek word amethystos, which means sober, as the ancient Greeks believed the stone would guard against intoxication. Once as costly as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, amethysts have been set in religious and royal crown jewels for centuries.

The Color

Purple is the color associated with royalty. It symbolizes nobility, spirituality, and prosperity. Color psychologists suggest that we wear purple to convey an air of mystery, wisdom, and trust. However, they warn that too much purple makes one appear pretentious and artificial.

To inspire you to wear just the right amount of this royal hue, I’ve styled three off-duty outfits with fun accessories that include jewels from the boutique’s February Birthstone collection.

How to Wear It

1. The v-neck of a sweater, blouse, or tee shirt is the perfect place to show off a necklace with a drop or pendant. You’ll want the pendant to fall above your neckline. This example features this Amethyst Molded Glass Art Deco Necklace with Drop. Simple sterling hoops or studs are the perfect earring accompaniment.

2. This Amethyst & Sterling Flower 1940s Bracelet adds color, texture, and shine to a jeans, tee shirt, and sweater outfit like this one. Just roll back your sleeves to show off your jewel. Add simple stud earrings in amethyst or sterling, or wear silver hoops to complete your accessories.

3. This outfit is so colorful that it needs only these Amethyst & Filigree Art Deco Earrings as the finishing touch. These earrings, which can be modified for pierced ears, are part of a set that includes a matching pendant.


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