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Go Green for Spring with Vintage Jewels!

Go Green for Spring with Vintage Jewels!
March 31, 2018 Barbara Schwartz
Green costume jewelry for spring

Spring is here! So, let’s look at green, the color that symbolizes the growth and renewal of this season. Green is between yellow and blue on the color wheel, which means you’ll find many hues, from blue-based (cool) forest and emerald to yellow-based (warm) mint and sea foam. This article showcases green costume jewelry in warm tones. (If you need help with warm and cool – terms used in seasonal color analysis – see my article What Color Looks Best on Me.)

I’ve decided to keep this post simple by showing you two outfits: one is Business Casual; the other, Smart Casual. Each is styled in two ways with jewelry and accessories in shades of this fresh, crisp color. The clothes are neutral pieces you may already have in your wardrobe.

Business Casual

This type of outfit – trousers, a sleeveless top, and a blazer – is appropriate for work settings where more formal Business (Formal Corporate or Corporate) attire is not required.

The Green Bead 2-Strand French 1950s Necklace in SPRING essentials is just stunning and the right adornment for a round neckline. The beads are soft-green glass with swirls that given them a mottled look. Made by the incomparable Louis Rousselet, this necklace is a great addition to any jewelry wardrobe. The circular, vibrant-green handbag brings in a bit of fun. The scalloped, navy-suede, block-heeled shoes are for both comfort and style.

For Spring is in the air, I’ve used an airy, silk-chiffon scarf in a tropical print. These Green Bead Czech Art Deco Chandelier Earrings complement the color scheme and, at 2 ½” long, add some sass. Funnily, the beads in these earrings are very much like those in the Rousselet necklace. A bright-green, round bag and navy, block-heeled pumps complete the look.

Smart Casual

The second outfit – jeans, a cream tee shirt, and a navy cropped cardigan – is my favorite type of Smart Casual attire. This level of formality is typically inappropriate for office environments (except for some Casual Friday dress codes) but is a well-put-together look for off-duty activities.

For I love spring, I chose this Green Bead & Chrome Art Deco Necklace to adorn the round neckline of the tee shirt and cardigan. This jewel is lightweight and fun to wear. The color of the beads is a delightful spring green. (Yes, the warm-tone beads are set in a cool metal, a combination that is not unusual for jewelry.) I’ve added sterling silver hoop earrings, but you could wear silver ball studs as effectively. A bright green bag and navy suede loafers complete this look.

I can’t resist shoes with colorful patterns. In Spring Florals, the flats are made from jacquard fabric in greens with other warm hues. For balance, I’ve added a floral-patterned scarf with the same palette and these Jade Bead Art Deco Pendant Earrings. These screw-backs can be modified for pierced ears. I chose a denim shoulder bag to complete this outfit.

For More Green Jewels

Visit the May Birthstone Jewelry collection for a selection of pieces in lush emerald green. The August Birthstone Jewelry collection has pieces in peridot.

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  1. Patricia Gostick 5 years ago

    Green, in all its hues, is such a wonderful colour. Thanks for these ideas, Barbara.

    • Avatar photo Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      You’re welcome, Patricia. Green is my favorite color! Regards, Barbara

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