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Sparkle this Holiday Season with Vintage Jewels

Sparkle this Holiday Season with Vintage Jewels
November 17, 2016 Barbara Schwartz
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Whether you need a special jewel to refresh your little black dress, a gift for an important woman in your life, or an item to add to your own wish list, you can celebrate the holiday season in style with vintage costume jewelry from the TruFaux Jewels boutique. Here are six collections with necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets from the 1920s-1950s, presented by color. The link to the detailed description of each piece is below its collection.


1-1940s Dewees Fur Clip; 2-1920s Necklace; 3-1950s Bracelet; 4-1950s Miriam Haskell Earrings;
5-1940s Coro Bracelet; 6-1950s Hattie Carnegie Brooch; 7-1950s Schreiner Earrings;
8-1930s Otis Bracelet


1-1920s Earrings; 2-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Necklace; 3-1930s Wachenheimer Bros. Earrings;
4-1920s Fishel, Nessler Brooch; 5-1920s Fishel, Nessler Bracelet; 6-1950s Boucher Brooch & Earrings;
7-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Brooch


1-1950s Miriam Haskell Brooch; 2-1940s Eisenberg Fur Clip; 3-1940s Eisenberg Earrings;
4-1930s Bracelet; 5-1950s Pennino Earrings; 6-1930s Ciro Double-Clip Brooch;
7-1930s Pennino Lapel Watch; 8-1950s Trifari Earrings

 4-blue1-1920s Necklace; 2-1920s Earrings; 3-1930s Bracelet; 4-1950s Schreiner Earrings; 5-1930s Necklace;
6-1930s Bracelet; 7-1920s Earrings; 8-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Brooch


1-1920s Bracelet; 2-1960s Miriam Haskell Necklace; 3-1920s Earrings; 4-1930s Bracelet;
5-1920s Necklace; 6-1920s Bracelet; 7-1930s Bracelet


1-1950s Alice Caviness Brooch & Earrings; 2-1940s Kreisler Bracelet; 3-1940s Coro Brooch;
4-1940s Mazer Earrings; 5-1950s Hattie Carnegie Brooch; 6-1940s Réja Brooch;
7-1940s Forstner Bracelet; 8-1950s Coro Necklace

For More Gift Ideas

Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will show six additional collections featuring TruFaux Jewels in other colors.

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