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7 Jewelry Gifts for the Classic Woman

7 Jewelry Gifts for the Classic Woman
December 5, 2017 Barbara Schwartz
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Jewelry gift ideas for the Classic style woman

If you’ve read my post What’s Your Fashion Personality? and now want some jewelry gift ideas for the classic style woman, this article is for you. She is balanced – i.e., in between yin and yang in terms of physical and behavioral traits – but has more yin. The Classic woman is poised, cultured, and impeccably-groomed.

Classic Style Fashion

With her medium bone structure, oval face, and well-proportioned silhouette and facial features, the Classic woman seeks in her attire the same balance found in her physical traits. Her clothing reflects her pursuit of perfection and order. Her outfits are always flawlessly coordinated and in flattering colors. For business, she wears trousers, skirts, and dresses with matching jackets and harmonizing accessories. Her casual attire is equally well-matched. Her clothing is semi-structured, with smooth, uncluttered lines and couture details: jackets with curved lapels or rounded necklines, and trousers and skirts with defined waists. Only garments in classic designs made from the finest fabrics are selected: wool crepe and gabardine; silk crepe de chine; Pima cotton; and cashmere. The Classic woman prefers woven patterns – jacquard, brocade, and other tone-on-tone – to obvious prints.

Classic Style Jewelry

Always impeccably-dressed, the Classic woman wears jewelry that falls between the more extreme styles of the yin and yang personalities. I’ve assembled a collection of tasteful, refined, and elegant pieces that will compliment her dignified appearance and manner. Let me tell you about these jewels.

Jewelry for the classic style personality

1-Pearl & Russian Gold 1950s Drop Earrings; 2-Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Flower 1950s Brooch/Pendant & Earrings; 3-Grey Pearl Flower 1950s Brooch; 4-Aquamarine Art Deco Necklace; 5-Grey & Cream Baroque Pearl & Rondelle 1950s Bangle; 6-Emerald Melon Bead 1950s Earrings; 7-Ruby Bead, Filigree & Rondelle 1950s Necklace

Jewelry Details

1. The Classic Woman loves pearls, so here are Pearl & Russian Gold 1950s Drop Earrings, a beautiful alternative to the pearl stud. Known for her Russian gold and marvelous faux pearls, these earrings were made by Miriam Haskell. They are fastened to the earlobe with a combination screw- and clip-back and can be worn by a woman with or without pierced ears.

2. For a woman who loves matching accessories, these Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Flower 1950s Brooch/Pendant & Earrings are a wonderful choice. This set is also appealing because the pendant part of the necklace can be taken off the chain and worn as a brooch. The clip-back earrings can be worn by a woman with or without pierced ears. This set was made by Marcel Boucher.

3. Another pearl creation by Miriam Haskell, this Grey Pearl Flower 1950s Brooch has beautiful detail and classic design. Engraved silver-tone metal petals surround the pearl flower centers. This piece can be worn horizontally or vertically.

4. As refined and elegant as a strand of pearls, this Aquamarine Art Deco Necklace from the 1920s has etched-silver-metal frames around faceted watery-blue crystal stones.

5. This Grey & Cream Baroque Pearl & Rondelle 1950s Bangle by Miriam Haskell is a wonderful combination of colors and materials that take the pearl bracelet to the next level.

6. Lush in color and texture, these Emerald Melon Bead 1950s Earrings would be an elegant addition to the Classic woman’s jewelry box. These clip-back earrings can be worn by a woman with or without pierced ears.

7. This opera-length Ruby Bead, Filigree & Rondelle 1950s Necklace by Miriam Haskell would undoubtedly please the Classic woman, who favors beaded necklaces.

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