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7 Jewelry Gifts for the Creative Woman

7 Jewelry Gifts for the Creative Woman
November 28, 2017 Barbara Schwartz
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Jewelry gifts for her - the creative woman

Need some guidance in gift-giving this holiday season? I’ve been writing about reading a woman’s personality to find clues for choosing the right jewelry. My first post in this series – What’s Your Fashion Personality? – describes the six personality styles. I’ve written about the Romantic and the Dramatic. This piece focuses on the introspective, artistic, and original Creative woman – a yin personality – and suggests jewelry gifts for her.

Creative Style Fashion

With her fine bone structure, curved silhouette, and rounded features, the Creative woman is at home in both unstructured and structured fashion. She chooses the clothes she wears based on her feelings of the moment, mixing straight-lined with curved, loose with tight-fitting, and colors, patterns, and fabrics in unconventional and unexpected ways. She loves a range of textiles, from delicate, hand-painted or printed silks and lace, to suede and corduroy, and upholstery and vinyl. She tends to dress in layers, in dark or shaded colors, and in a range of pattern sizes, shapes, motifs, and color combinations. Her overall look can be labeled off-beat, original, and cluttered. She loves to shop at stores that offer menswear, ethnic, vintage, hand-crafted and contemporary clothing.

Creative Style Jewelry

Her love of one-of-a-kind fashion makes the Creative woman the perfect type for vintage jewelry. I’ve assembled a collection of curvy, sparkly, and whimsical pieces that flatter this woman’s bone structure, natural silhouette, and individuality. They feature the fringe, lace, bows, and sparkle suited to this personality. Let me tell you about these jewels.

Creative woman - jewelry gifts for her

1-Pearl, Gemstone Bead & Rondelle 1950s Earrings; 2-Blue Glass & Chrome Art Deco Fringe Necklace; 3-Gold & Black Bead Umbrella Italian 1950s Brooch; 4-Gemstone Bead & Rondelle Dangling 1950s Brooch; 5-Emerald, Diamanté & Sterling Filigree Art Deco Bracelet; 6-Aquamarine & Sterling Leaf 1940s Earrings; 7-Diamanté & Sterling English Art Deco Brooch/Pair of Dress Clips; 8-Gemstone & Silver Rope Double Bow 1940s Brooch

Jewelry Details

1. These Pearl, Gemstone Bead & Rondelle 1950s Earrings feature clusters of faux pearls with rhinestone rondelles and ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst blown-glass leaves. The combination of elements and the construction reflect the cluttered look the Creative woman favors in her ensemble. Made by the incomparable Louis Rousselet, these clip-back earrings can be worn by women with or without pierced ears.

2. This Blue Glass & Chrome & Art Deco Fringe Necklace is a great choice for the Creative woman. A piece from the 1930s Machine Age, it combines chrome balls and links with cobalt-blue-glass elements.

3. Few jewels are more whimsical than this Gold & Black Bead Umbrella Italian 1950s Brooch. Tiny black, clear, and gold glass beads are wound together with gold-tone rope. At 3 3/8” in length, this unusual brooch makes a playful statement.

4. This Gemstone Bead & Rondelle Dangling 1950s Brooch by Hattie Carnegie is imaginative and elegant. Formed from gemstone-colored glass beads and rhinestone rondelles, this piece is 4 ½” long. It is like the fringe the Creative woman appreciates.

5. Lacey and delicate, this Emerald, Diamanté & Sterling Filigree Art Deco Bracelet suits the Creative woman’s style and delicate bone structure. Bracelets of this type were very popular in the first two decades of the 20th century and look wonderful with today’s fashions.

6. These Aquamarine & Sterling Leaf 1940s Earrings have curly leaves and tiny stones fashioned into curly flower centers. These earrings were made by Pennino, whose high-quality pieces are coveted today. These clip-backs can be worn by women with or without pierced ears.

7. This Diamanté & Sterling English Art Deco Brooch can be worn as one piece or as separate dress clips. The small stones and bow motif fit the Creative style. This piece offers this type of woman the opportunity to find new and unconventional ways to wear it.

8. Fashioned in a wonderful array of colors, this Gemstone & Silver Rope Double Bow 1940s Brooch by Reinad has the curves, bows, and clutter the Creative woman loves. At 3 ½” x 3 ½”, this piece is a bit off-beat. This colorful piece is extremely versatile.

For More Gift Ideas

Look at my next posts about jewels for the Aristocratic and Classic personalities.

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