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7 Jewelry Gifts for the Aristocratic Woman

7 Jewelry Gifts for the Aristocratic Woman
December 5, 2017 Barbara Schwartz
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Jewelry gifts for women with Aristocratic style

With the holidays approaching, my posts have focused on tips for choosing the perfect jewelry gifts for women, based on each one’s personality. The first article in this series – What’s Your Fashion Personality – describes the physical and behavioral traits of each style. This piece focuses on the elegant, poised, and sophisticated Aristocratic woman – a yang personality – and the clothes and jewels that create her old-money look.

Aristocratic Style Fashion

With her strong bone structure and athletic build, the Aristocratic woman wears tailored, high-quality, comfortable clothing. Her look is sophisticated, yet approachable and trustworthy. Her bearing is regal and highly-principled. Her clothing is structured with clean, straight lines. She prefers natural fibers and timeless designs inspired by traditional menswear: jackets with lapels; straight-legged trousers; heavy fabrics such as flannel and worsted wool; and patterns such as tweed, pinstripes, and paisley. She likes jackets for business but often wears cashmere sweater sets instead. Her shoes have low, chunky heels when required; she prefers flats and boots. Her casual attire includes corduroy trousers, cable-knit sweaters, and argyle wool socks.

Aristocratic Style Jewelry

This strong, yet understated woman can complete her wardrobe with medium- to large-scale jewelry fit for a queen. I’ve assembled a collection of elegant, tailored, and geometric jewels to compliment her regal style. Let me tell you about these pieces.

Jewelry gifts for Aristocratic personality style


1-Ruby, Diamanté & Sterling Art Deco Bar Brooch; 2-Amethyst Triangle Art Deco Necklace; 3-Crystal Bead, Onyx & Filigree Art Deco Earrings; 4-Diamanté & Sterling Leaf 1940s Fur Clip; 5- Emerald, Golden Topaz, Citrine, Ruby & Pearl 1950s Bracelet; 6-Emerald & Diamanté Sunburst 1950s Brooch; 7- Topaz, Diamanté & Gold Scroll 1950s Pendant Earrings

Jewelry Details

1. This 3” long Ruby, Diamanté & Sterling Art Deco Bar Brooch is just the right jewel for a jacket lapel. Probably European in origin, this well-made piece has faceted stones in two colors set in a sterling silver frame with engraved edges.

2. This Amethyst Triangle Art Deco Necklace is the perfect adornment for the Aristocratic woman. Not only is it fashioned in the royal hue, but it also suits the jewel neckline this woman often wears. The dome-like stones add a third dimension to this lovely, geometric piece.

3. Made from high-quality (leaded) crystal, these Crystal Bead, Onyx & Filigree Art Deco Earrings have the substantial length (2 5/8”) and weight the Aristocratic woman deserves. Their style is flattering to her facial shape and features.

4. Large in scale yet elegant in style, this Diamanté & Sterling Leaf 1940s Fur Clip looks wonderful on a coat, jacket, or dress. The heavy wools and knits worn by the Aristocratic woman are ideal for the two-prong pin that fastens this jewel. It combines square-cut and round stones set in sterling silver shaped like a veined, angled leaf.

5. This Emerald, Golden Topaz, Citrine, Ruby & Pearl 1950s Bracelet is a delightful combination of geometric shapes in shades of emerald, topaz, and citrine, with ruby and tiny pearl accents. This beautiful piece by Hattie Carnegie is both versatile and opulent.

6. Lush in color and 2” in diameter, this Emerald & Diamanté Sunburst 1950s Brooch can be worn on a jacket lapel; on the shoulder of a dress; at the waist of a skirt, dress, or trousers; or on a fabric hat or purse. This timeless piece would make a versatile and handsome addition to the Aristocratic woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

7. At 2 ½” long, these Topaz, Diamanté & Gold Scroll 1950s Pendant Earrings combine angles and curves with warm-colored stones. Notice that the diamanté in the center are shaped like a crown! Made by Elsa Schiaparelli, these earrings have a matching bracelet.

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