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Look Smart at Work with Vintage Jewels

Look Smart at Work with Vintage Jewels
July 5, 2015 Barbara Schwartz

Who says business attire has to be boring? Whether your workplace norm is traditional or more casual, you can follow the office dress code and still look chic by accessorizing with vintage costume jewelry. The pieces you select will depend on your personal style as well as what is acceptable at your workplace. According to the experts, business traditional attire (i.e., a suit, or a jacket with non-matching pants or skirt) requires simple, tasteful accessories in neutral tones, while business casual (where a jacket is optional) allows for more color and variety in jewelry. You will find a large selection of office-appropriate 1920s-1950s pieces on the TruFaux Jewels website.

The Outfits

After creating a number of ensembles to enter four recent Polyvore contests, I realized that all of the outfits are suitable for the office. Two (“The Confident Business Woman” and “A Neutral Statement”) are what I would call business traditional; two (“Summer Workwear: Sleeveless Sweater” and “Pattern Mixing”) are business casual. These 30 outfits combine trendy and classic workplace-appropriate summer clothing with one or two pieces of vintage jewelry. The result: unique and stylish ensembles designed to make every woman look and feel smart and confident at work.

The outfits presented below are in slide-show format. The relevant contest name appears on each set. If you like a particular outfit and want to see the detailed descriptions, click on the image to be transferred to Polyvore.


While the clothing and non-jewelry accessories are currently on the market, you may already have pieces like them in your closet. Although the emphasis of this collection is business attire, the TruFaux Jewels shown here are stylish and versatile: they can also transform casual and evening wear from ordinary to extraordinary. I hope this collection inspires you to express your personal style with vintage costume jewelry.

About Polyvore

Read my blog post Paper Dolls for Grown-Ups to find out how Polyvore works. You have to register to play!

The Contests

As usual, I didn’t win, even though I tried to make my format more creative to improve my chances. (Have I mentioned that many Polyvore members create true works of art and that, coming from a no-talent gene pool, I cannot compete on the same level?) If you were a contest judge, would you have awarded any of these sets a prize?

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