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7 Jewelry Gifts for the Dramatic Woman

7 Jewelry Gifts for the Dramatic Woman
November 27, 2017 Barbara Schwartz
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Meaningful jewelry gifts for the dramatic personality

My earlier post What’s Your Fashion Personality describes the six personality styles that will help you choose the perfect holiday gift for an important woman in your life. This article focuses on the Dramatic woman:  she is confident, strong, and sophisticated. Let me tell you about the clothes this yang personality wears and the jewelry that will complement her style. I’ve put together a selection of meaningful jewelry gifts for women with these traits.

Dramatic Style Fashion

The tall, slender Dramatic woman has a straight silhouette. Her image is striking, and she dresses to be noticed. She wears strong colors that compliment her dramatic coloring. Her home season is often Winter:  black, white, and red – her favorite colors – and other vivid, cool hues are very flattering. She chooses tailored, structured pieces in high-quality, crisp fabrics that hold their shape. Her dressed silhouette has square shoulders and is an inverted triangle or rectangle. She wears cropped or long jackets with notched or peaked lapels, and skirts with straight or angled hemlines. Her skirts and trousers have a high or low waist with a wide band. She turns up her collars and cuffs for drama. Although she seldom wears prints, when she does they are large-scale, stylized, and geometric.

Dramatic Style Jewelry

As someone who likes to make an entrance, this glamorous and distinctive woman wears unique and bold – statement – jewelry. I’ve assembled a collection of striking, sophisticated, geometric pieces that compliment her style. Let me tell you about them.

Vintage jewelry gifts for the dramatic woman

1-Black Bakelite & Diamanté Art Deco Dress Clip; 2-Amethyst Chicklet-style Art Deco Necklace; 3-Onyx & Crystal Art Deco Bar Brooch; 4-Red Bead Art Deco Chandelier Earrings; 5-Onyx, Diamanté & Sterling Line Bracelet; 6-Carnelian, Crystal & Sterling German Art Deco Bracelet;  7-Crystal Chicklet-style Art Deco Earrings

Jewelry Details

1. This Black Bakelite & Diamanté Art Deco Dress Clip is perfect for the v-necklines the Dramatic woman wears. The geometric elements and strong contrasting colors make this piece from the past bold and sophisticated. It comes with a cord that enables the clip to be worn as a pendant.

2. Rich in color, this Amethyst Chicklet-style Art Deco Necklace has faceted, deep-purple glass chicklets (a modern term) in the center of the delicate silver-tone chain. This timeless piece combines clean lines with elegance.

3. The design of this European-made Onyx & Crystal Art Deco Bar Brooch combines rectangular stones with triangular ones. At 2 1/8” in length, it’s perfect for a jacket lapel.

4. With their exceptional length (3 ¼”), geometric lines/shapes, and favored color, these Red Bead Art Deco Chandelier Earrings are perfect for the Dramatic woman. And with so much movement, they’re fun to wear! These all-original screw-back earrings can be modified for pierced ears.

5. This Onyx, Diamanté & Sterling Art Deco Line Bracelet is as fashionable today as it was when it was made in the 1920s. Another black-and-white piece for the Dramatic Woman, this bracelet can be worn with casual, office, and evening attire.

6. Bold, striking, and large in scale (2 1/2″ wide), this Carnelian, Crystal & Sterling German Art Deco Bracelet makes a statement. The oblong stones are all faceted and set in sterling silver frames. The look and structure of this piece epitomize strength. This unusual bracelet is truly outstanding.

7. These Crystal Chicklet-style Art Deco Earrings are truly stunning in person. The faceted, geometic-shaped crystals are mounted in silver frames. Suitable for day or evening wear, these 2”-long earrings have screw-backs and can be modified for pierced ears. These beautiful earrings would be an excellent addition to this woman’s jewelry box.

For More Gift Suggestions

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