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Vintage Jewelry Gifts for the Romantic Woman

Vintage Jewelry Gifts for the Romantic Woman
November 21, 2017 Barbara Schwartz
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Romantic jewelry - unique gifts for women

Finding the perfect holiday gift for an important woman in your life can be challenging. But if you know how to read her personality, you’ll have many clues that will help you make the right choice. My previous post – What’s Your Fashion Personality? – describes the six personality styles. This article focuses on one: the Romantic. Let’s look more closely at the clothes this feminine, sensuous, and graceful woman wears and the romantic jewelry that would complement her style. I’ve put together a selection of unique gifts for women with these traits, to give you ideas.

Romantic Style Fashion

The Romantic woman wears unstructured clothes that softly flow over the curves of her body. Her garments have soft shoulders and nipped-in waists. Skirts have gathers; trousers have wider legs in a fluid fabric. Fabrics are soft, rich, and luxurious. For evening, she chooses velvet and lace; her jeans include corduroy and velvet in addition to denim. Designs are highly-detailed and elaborate, with curved lines to complement her curved features. Her jackets have no lapels, and her necklines are open. She wears lighter, brighter colors, subtle curved prints (such as florals and paisleys), and rounded, embellished accessories. Shoes are her favorite accessory, and she loves to wear high heels with peep-toes.

Romantic Style Jewelry

With her love of fancy, elaborate details on accessories, the Romantic woman favors elaborate jewelry. I’ve assembled a collection of curvy, detailed, and ornately-designed pieces that suit this woman. Let me tell you about them.

Jewelry for the Romantic woman

1-Gemstone & Sterling Acrostic 1940s Earrings; 2-Gold Pineapple & Bead 1950s Bib Necklace; 3-Opal & Diamanté Leaf 1950s Brooch; 4-Diamanté Floral 1950s Brooch; 5-Ruby, Onyx, Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Dangling 1950s Bracelet; 6-Emerald & Diamanté 1940s Earrings; 7-Sapphire, Diamanté & Gold Bouquet 1950s Brooch

Jewelry Details

1. These Gemstone & Sterling Acrostic 1940s Earrings are about as romantic as they come. They’re called acrostic because the first letter of the name of each stone forms a word – in this case, dearest, for the diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz glass stones that create the crescent shape. This type of sentimental jewelry was very popular in the 19th century Victorian era, a style that inspired some 1940s jewelry designers. The inner ring of diamanté adds the bling the Romantic woman craves.

2. This Gold Pineapple & Bead 1950s Bib Necklace is extremely detailed and elaborate. It combines gold-plated metal in a variety of textures with onyx and carnelian glass beads. The floral theme – a favorite of Hattie Carnegie, the maker – is loved by the Romantic woman. So is the style of this necklace, which was designed to draw attention to her décolletage.

3. Curved and sparkly, this Opal & Diamanté Leaf 1950s Brooch has a fiery opal art-glass stone in the center. The overall effect is fine jewelry. Marcel Boucher, the maker of this stunning piece, was well-known for his intricate, high-quality creations.

4. I chose this Diamanté Floral 1950s Brooch for the Romantic woman because it has a very intricate design and lots of bling. Designed by the renowned Frank Hess for Miriam Haskell, this elegant piece has two large multi-faceted diamanté and textured, silver metal leaves, all surrounded by smaller diamanté. At 2 1/8” by 2 ½” in size, this brooch is very wearable with day and evening attire.

5. This Ruby, Onyx, Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Dangling Bracelet is a great example of 1950s glam. It has prong-set diamanté surrounding gold-tone links that are decorated with dangling pearls along with ruby and onyx bi-color glass beads. This bracelet has opulence and movement fit for the Romantic woman.

6. These Emerald & Diamanté 1940s Earrings are a wonderful example of this maker’s slogan: “the precious look in fashion jewelry”. Mazer Brothers were among the best of the American costume jewelry companies in the first half of the 20th century. These ear clips, made from imported Austrian emerald crystals that overlay clear ones, were designed to draw attention to the face.

7. Another design delight by Marcel Boucher, this Sapphire, Diamanté & Gold Bouquet 1950s Brooch has the elaborate details and flowing motif that were this maker’s hallmark. At 2 7/8” high, this piece will delight the Romantic woman and make her outfit memorable.

For More Gift Suggestions

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