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More Vintage Jewels for Wearing & Giving this Holiday Season

More Vintage Jewels for Wearing & Giving this Holiday Season
December 14, 2015 Barbara Schwartz
Barbara Schwartz
In Colors, Gift Guides

Still looking for a dazzling accessory to refresh your little black dress, a unique gift for an important woman in your life, or a special item to add to your own wish list? Here are six more collections of vintage costume jewelry arranged by color, selected to add sparkle to your wardrobe or gift this holiday season. The versatile pieces featured here from the TruFaux Jewels boutique will make you or your gift recipient look extraordinary during the holidays and every day.

The link to the detailed description and price of each piece is below its collection.

Holiday Wish List

1-1950s Christian Dior Earrings; 2-1950s Hattie Carnegie Brooch & Earrings Set;
3-1950s Schreiner Earrings; 4-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Brooch; 5-1950s Hattie Carnegie Bracelet;
6-1950s Miriam Haskell Earrings; 7-1950s Miriam Haskell Brooch

Holiday Season Collection

1-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Earrings; 2-1950s Hattie Carnegie Brooch; 3-1920s Art Deco Earrings;
4-1950s Miriam Haskell Brooch; 5-1940s Earrings; 6-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Bracelet;
7-1950s Hattie Carnegie Earrings; 8-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Bracelet; 9-1950s Coro Necklace

Holiday Wish List

1-1920s Art Deco Earrings; 2-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Necklace; 3-1920s Wachenheimer Bros. Earrings;
4-1920s Fishel, Nessler Brooch; 5-1920s Art Deco Bracelet; 6-1920s Fishel, Nessler Bracelet;
7-1950s Elsa Schiaparelli Brooch

Holiday Wish List

1-1920s Art Deco Necklace; 2-1920s Art Deco Earrings; 3-1930s Art Deco Bracelet;
4-1930s Art Deco Earrings; 5-1940s Eisenberg Brooch; 6-1920s Art Deco Necklace;
7-1920s Art Deco Bracelet; 8-1940s Pennino Brooch

Holiday Wish List

1-1930s Art Deco Bracelet; 2-1960s Miriam Haskell Necklace; 3-1920s Art Deco Earrings;
4-1930s Art Deco Bracelet; 5-1920s Art Deco Necklace; 6-1920s Art Deco Bracelet;
7-1930s Art Deco Bracelet

Holiday Wish List

1-1950s Alice Caviness Brooch & Earrings Set; 2-1950s Elsa Schiparelli Earrings;
3-1950s Hattie Carnegie Bracelet; 4-1940s Mazer Earrings; 5-1940s Coro Brooch;
6-1940s Réja Brooch; 7-1940s Forstner Bracelet; 8-1950s Hattie Carnegie Necklace

For More Ideas

For more ideas for something special to wear or give this holiday season, see my previous article with six more collections of vintage jewels arranged by color here.

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    Patricia Gostick 4 years ago


    Happy 2016, Barbara!

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 4 years ago

      Thanks, Patricia! Same to you! Regards, Barbara

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