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Summer Necklaces: Colorful, Chic & Cool Jewels

Summer Necklaces: Colorful, Chic & Cool Jewels
June 20, 2018 Barbara Schwartz
Summer necklaces

I love to play with color when I dress and when I prepare styling tips to share with you. Now that summer is here, I particularly enjoy putting together colorful outfits accessorized with equally colorful, yet lightweight jewels. Last month’s styling tips focused on earrings with these qualities, so this month I’ve moved on to summer necklaces that fit the bill.

Since I completed my color analysis training last year, I’ve become more confident in my choices of color combinations. When I wrote about that experience – see How to Find Your Best Colors I focused on the four main seasonal palettes, even though most color analysts use 16. If you read that post, you may remember that Autumn and Spring are Warm and that Winter and Summer are Cool. Let me explain further and show you examples.

Summer Necklaces for Warm Color Palettes

If you look at the Warm palettes in the article cited above, you’ll see that Autumn has a gold undertone with deep or muted colors; Spring’s light and bright colors have a yellow undertone. These two outfits feature hues that both the Autumn and Spring palettes share.

Amethyst chicklet necklace styled with purple and cream outfit
Citrine & crystal tiered necklace with browns and yellows

On the left, The Color Purple features a striped tank top in a kaleidoscope of hues. I paired it with purple trousers, a cream jacket, and this 1920s Amethyst Chicklet-style Necklace. The term chicklet is a modern one that’s used to describe jewelry made with faceted square stones set in linked metal frames. You could substitute a skirt for a dressier ensemble. If you wear earrings, I would suggest simple silver hoops or studs to match the color of the chain. (I know that silver is best for Cool palettes, but jewelry makers usually don’t follow these guidelines!)

The outfit on the right – Pops of Yellow – shows this Citrine & Crystal Tiered Necklace adorning browns, yellows, and cream. It alternates rectangular faceted crystals with square citrine glass stones. The centerpiece has the same combination set in a frame with dangling round citrines. It will sit nicely in the V-necklines of the camisole and jacket. I’ve used trousers with heels. You could substitute jeans and flats for a more casual look. If you wear earrings, I would stick with simple silver hoops or studs, or a pair of crystal earrings from the boutique.

For more examples of necklaces styled with outfits in warm colors, click through to see my collection.

Summer Necklaces for Cool Color Palettes

Winter and Summer are the Cool seasons. Both have a blue undertone. Winter’s colors are vivid (high intensity), while Summer’s are muted (low intensity). These outfits feature hues that both seasons share.

Black Bakelite & diamante 1930s necklace with black, white and blue
Ruby chicklet festoon necklace adorning black and white

Hello Gorgeous, on the left, shows one of my favorite color combinations: black, white, and bright blue. Although I used jeans, you could substitute black trousers or a black skirt with a sweater or blazer for a dressier look. I chose this particular black-and-white tank top because I like the swirly pattern with the curved links in this 1930s Black Bakelite & Diamanté Necklace. The black links alternate with narrow, white-metal links channel-set with stones. You could wear silver hoop earrings (as shown) or faux or real diamond studs.

The other outfit – Super Woman is dressier, with a black, white, and grey checked skirt; black tee shirt; and white jacket. I chose this Ruby Chicklet Festoon Necklace for the color (I love black, white, and red) and for the square-shape of the stones. They complement the checks in the skirt and the square handbag. You could easily substitute jeans or pants (with or without checks) and flats for a more casual look.

You can see more examples of necklaces styled with outfits in cool colors here.

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