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  • Plunge into Spring with Vintage Aquamarine

    Based on their survey of fashion designers, Pantone has named Aquamarine, a watery shade of blue, “the lead color for women for the Spring/Summer 2015 season”. They suggest pairing this color with other blues and greens in the top 10. Vintage costume jewelry offers the opportunity to accessorize with aquamarine, even if it isn’t a color you normally wear. Take a look on the TruFaux Jewels website for a selection of stunning aquamarine pieces produced in Europe and America in the 1920s through the 1950s.

    The Outfits

    To inspire you to accessorize with vintage costume jewelry, I have created outfits featuring TruFaux Jewels with a selection of clothing and accessories currently available online.  You will see a variety of ensembles for casual, office and evening wear, that pair aquamarine with various shades of blue and green, as suggested by Pantone, as well as with other colors you might not have considered. My goal is to suggest ways in which pieces from my website can be worn. In some cases, the same piece of jewelry is presented in multiple outfits, to show how versatile the piece is. In other cases, the same clothing and accessories are shown with different TruFaux Jewels. Many examples of what I call everyday basics (e.g., blue or black jeans, a white blouse or tee shirt, and a blazer; a dark skirt and a white top) are included to inspire you to accessorize with vintage costume jewelry to refresh your existing wardrobe.

    The outfits presented below are in slide-show format, with the caption (my comments) at the bottom of each slide. If you like a particular outfit and want to see the detailed descriptions of the items shown, just click on the image to be transferred to the Polyvore site.


    For More Information About Color Trends

    To find out more about aquamarine gemstones and their counterparts in vintage costume jewelry, read my blog post Aquamarine for SpringFor more about color trends for women’s spring/summer fashion, read the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2015 here.

    About Polyvore

    Read my blog post Paper Dolls for Grown-Ups, to find out how this platform works.

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  • Aquamarine for Spring

    Even though the weather outside may not feel like spring (at least where I live!), we can still look at colors for the upcoming season.  Based on their survey of fashion designers, Pantone has named the palette for women’s clothing in spring 2015:  En Plein Air, a French expression which…

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