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Transform Casual into Chic with Vintage Earrings

Transform Casual into Chic with Vintage Earrings
June 22, 2015 Barbara Schwartz

Off-duty activities call for a more casual look, but who says you can’t be comfortable and still look chic when you’re site-seeing on vacation, meeting friends for a drink, or enjoying Sunday brunch on the patio of your favorite restaurant? When you want to leave home without yoga pants or shorts, you can add a pair of vintage earrings to a casual outfit and shine with style this summer. Just don’t forget your hat and sunglasses! Click through to see a large selection of 1920s to 1950s earrings here in the boutique.

[Sorry, these outfits can no longer be displayed.]

Comments (6)

  1. Avatar
    Carol 5 years ago

    My official uniform is a tee-shirt and jeans. I turn it up a notch with a piece of vintage jewelry. Some bangles for my wrist and a pair of earrings and I’m good to go. I really like your Casual Chic Weekend Style ensemble and would definitely wear it. What were the judges thinking?

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for writing, Carol! If only you were on the panel of judges! Regards, Barbara

  2. Avatar
    Heather Rose 5 years ago

    I love what you put together. Casual chic is such a great look. I think you nailed it. Keep showing up and you can’t be beat. I love this combination. You are a trend setter.

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      Thanks very much, Heather. I, too, love casual chic! Regards, Barbara

  3. Avatar
    Pam Lappin 5 years ago

    Fun collection.

    • Barbara Schwartz Author
      Barbara Schwartz 5 years ago

      Glad you like the collection, Pam. Thanks for letting me know. Regards, Barbara

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