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How to Wear July’s Birthstone: Ruby

How to Wear July’s Birthstone: Ruby
July 6, 2016 Barbara Schwartz

The name ruby, the birthstone for July, comes from the Latin word for red, a bold, warm color that is associated with passion, vitality and power. Historically this gemstone has been worn to guarantee health, wisdom and success in love. While precious rubies (natural minerals) are among the five most highly-prized gemstones, imitation glass stones and beads in this rich color have created beautiful costume jewelry for centuries.

The Color

Red is a color many women avoid in clothing for two reasons. First, finding the right shade to flatter one’s skin tone can be difficult. Second, many women think that red is too bold a color for office attire. If either of these statements applies to you, have you considered accessorizing with red? After all, for decades men have considered a red tie as a symbol of power and leadership. So why not wear red earrings to achieve the same effect? Or wear them simply to add pops of this lush color to neutral outfits?

The Earrings

1132aTo illustrate this point, I’ve selected this pair of Ruby Bead Art Deco Pendant Earrings from the TruFaux Jewels boutique to spice up seven classic outfits for on- and off-duty wear. These 1920s earrings feature a molded, ruby-glass bead resembling a flower at the bottom of a silver-tone chain, with smaller beads along the chain. The original screw-backs have been replaced with sterling silver posts for pierced ears. With these earrings, less is more, so no other jewelry is needed (except for your finger rings, if you wear any).

How to Wear Them

1. Nothing says casual more than a pair of jeans, white tee shirt, and your favorite denim jacket. These red earrings and espadrille sandals give this uniform a whole new look that’s just right for summer.


2. Take the same idea into fall with a denim jacket or cardigan, and red loafers or ballet flats.

Summer to Fall

3. Black-and-white is always in style, and red completes this smart-casual look for a summer weekend outing. If you like red accessories as much as I do, add more of the color with your handbag or shoes.

Brunch Style

4. This black-and-white-with-red ensemble looks great all year-round. The pencil skirt and silk blouse are tailored for the office, but the bold purse and earrings tell us that this woman is unique!


5. If you’re reluctant to wear a red top, try a red-patterned skirt or pants. On cooler days a dark green sweater over this skirt with these earrings and coordinating accessories can take you just about anywhere and anytime.



6. A white or cream blazer over a navy dress can always go to the office and out for the evening. Add a red printed scarf at the neck with these dangling earrings for a rich and surprising contrast. Wear an ensemble like this one all year-round, and you’ll be noticed!

Go Your Own Way

7. If your style is more Boho than boardroom, you can wear these earrings to great effect. And they swing when you move!

Fresh & Fun

For More Ruby Jewels

See the boutique’s July Birthstone Jewelry collection here.

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  1. Patricia Gostick 7 years ago

    All great looks!

    • Avatar photo Author
      Barbara Schwartz 7 years ago

      Thanks, Patricia!

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