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Who Made Those Art Deco Bracelets?

Who Made Those Art Deco Bracelets?
June 28, 2015 Barbara Schwartz
The Keystone, June 1925

The Keystone, June 1925

Have you ever wondered about the maker of a favorite piece of vintage costume jewelry? Many collectors who favor the Art Deco style (as I do) are undoubtedly familiar with the trademark Diamonbar, which appears on sterling silver and imitation gemstone bracelets produced in a wide range of styles in the 1920s. But few people know about Wachenheimer Brothers, the company that left us a wonderful legacy of these stunning creations.

I was among the curious when I started my search for accurate information on this manufacturer, who was in business from 1905-1934. Not only has this company been excluded from books on vintage costume jewelry, but most of the information on the Internet about Wachenheimer Brothers is incorrect.  After several years of research, I have told their true story in two articles. The most recent, entitled “Diamonbar Bracelets & the Men Who Made Them”, has been published on the Costume Jewelry Collectors International (CJCI) website here.  This article is based on a longer piece on the company’s history and wider body of work:  “Wachenheimer Brothers: Their True Story”. It was published in the Spring 2013 issue of ADORNMENT: The Magazine of Jewelry & Related Arts.

For Diamonbar Bracelets

Click through to see jewelry produced by Wachenheimer Brothers here on the TruFaux Jewels website.

For More Information

CJCI is building a valuable collection of resources for vintage costume jewelry enthusiasts at various levels of expertise. The information on the website is available to everyone.

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