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Jewelry Box Audit

“Jewelry is meant to be worn, not stored in a drawer or bank vault.”
–Barbara Schwartz

Whether you have a jumbled jewelry box, a newly-acquired inheritance, or a number of pieces that you ignore in favor of a small group you wear every day, I can review your collection with you to determine what suits your personal style and your lifestyle. I believe the right jewelry can make you feel extraordinary. With my personal jewelry services, you can make the most of your jewelry wardrobe and have some fun rediscovering how forgotten pieces can add to your style!

What to Expect

Once you’ve filled out this request form, I will contact you directly to schedule your session. I will then invoice you for a deposit to secure your appointment.

An audit must be done in-person, as I need to be able to handle the jewelry. Depending on the size of your collection, we can meet at your home in the Toronto area or at my elegant downtown venue.

At our session, we will look at each piece of jewelry so that you can tell me if/how you wear it and so that I might suggest new ways to accessorize with the piece. I will tell you what I can about each jewel – if it is fine or costume jewelry, when it was made, possibly by whom, what types of materials comprise it, whether it is collectable, whether it needs to be repaired or properly appraised, etc.

While I don’t do valuations or appraisals, I can help you decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to toss. (Yes, some jewelry should be tossed.)

A Note About Inheritances

Many of us who have inherited jewelry feel the need to keep it for sentimental reasons or out of a sense of obligation, even though we don’t like the jewels. I can’t and wouldn’t want to tell you how to feel about a piece. If, after our review, you decide you can’t part with some of your collection, we will talk about ways to store the piece(s) so that the donor’s memory is properly honored.

The session price is $297 for a 2-hour minimum, plus $147 per hour if additional time is needed. (For in-home appointments, my travel time will be charged at the hourly rate.)

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Jewelry Box Audit