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Personal Shopping Services – The Questionnaire

Tell me a little about your style…

To prepare for our jewelry styling session together, I’d like to know more about you and your tastes, what you already wear, and all the details of your outfit to be accessorized.

Please complete this questionnaire at least two business days before our appointment, so I have enough time to find you the most beautiful things most suited to you.



(“I wear jeans and t-shirts and diamond solitaire earrings and ballet flats.” “I wear tailored suits most of the time, lots of black and red.” ”I love turtlenecks and leggings and layer with chunky sweaters in the winter.”)

(Some ideas: Classic, Sophisticated, Casual, Refined, Feminine, Colorful, Boisterous, Bohemian, Eclectic …)


Tell me about the outfit you’d like to give some vintage sparkle…

What color is it? What fabric? What stones are in the jewelry (if you know), what color are they, and what kind and color is the metal? Are there any other noteworthy details that might not be obvious in the photograph? (“There’s an ivory silk overlay on the sleeves.” “The gold silk is actually red at certain angles.”)

(“This is my wedding dress and we’re getting married on the beach.” “I’m an author and I want to wear this at my readings.” “I’ll wear this to work in a corporate office where everyone dresses business casual.” “I’m going to a fundraiser – the invitation says ‘black tie cocktail’”)