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Schreiner Jewelry

About Schreiner Jewelry

This collection of Schreiner jewelry includes 1950s earrings from this exceptional American maker. Started by Henry Schreiner in 1932, the business was continued by his daughter and son-in-law following his death. Known for their imaginative color combinations; high-quality stones in unusual shapes and settings; elaborate designs; and hand-set and finished pieces, the company supplied America’s top fashion designers in the 1950s-1960s with jeweled ornaments and accessories. Only pieces made for direct sale to department stores were signed. Yet because of their distinctive characteristics, unsigned pieces by this company can usually be accurately attributed. Schreiner jewelry is coveted by collectors today.


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  • Vintage blue earrings w/melange of sapphire stones
    1950s Schreiner ear clips

    Sapphire 1950s Ear Clips by Schreiner

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    These vintage blue earrings with multiple shades, shapes, cuts, and sizes of sapphire-glass stones are another example of Schreiner's genius, even though they are unsigned. The silver-tone setting features his dog-tooth prongs and donut-hole ear clips. These ear clips can beautifully accessorize the latest fashion trends as well as your perennial favorites. Wear them with casual, office and evening attire to great acclaim!