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Double Clip Brooches

Double clip brooches were first made by Coro, who gave them the name Duette. Trifari soon followed with their patented design, called Clip-Mates. These pieces were the most important jeweled accessory of the 1930s-1940s and were made into the 1950s. Their popularity was due to their versatility: one can be worn as a brooch or as separate dress clips. Other jewelry makers – including Boucher, Mazer, and Pennino – designed their own brooch mechanisms. (You can see these and other utility patents here.) Dress clips were particularly suited to square necklines of the 1940s, but these pieces are just as versatile with today’s fashions. Wear them at your neckline or waist; on your shoulder or lapel; on your purse or hat; on your shoes; or to fasten a scarf or shawl. See also Dress Clips and Sets & Parures.


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