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Aquamarine & Vermeil Sterling Flower Pin

Aquamarine & Vermeil Sterling Flower Pin


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4" x 2 1/2"




1944-1946 (based on mark and use of sterling, per Brunialti)



This aquamarine flower pin in gold-washed sterling silver is bold and beautiful. It features a faceted, round glass stone set on each of the flower’s five petals. This tall (4-inch) piece was made by Hess-Appel under their Jollé trademark without the accent (which was used only in their advertisements). The stem and two leaves are curled a bit, a characteristic of the 1940s Retro Modern style. The finish is in great shape. The pin closes with a roll-over safety clasp. If statement pieces, which are in vogue right now, are your style, this jewel is for you!

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