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Diamanté 1950s Earrings by Alice Caviness

Diamanté 1950s Earrings by Alice Caviness


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Alice Caviness


1 7/8" x 1 1/4"






"ALICE CAVINESS" in block letters on ear clips.


Carroll (101), p.142

These 1950s diamanté earrings are definitely “top-of-the-line Alice Caviness jewelry!” (Julia Carroll). They feature large octagonal clear rhinestones with clear crystal beads and diamanté-studded beads attached to a filigree disk. The position of the large stones and their faceting maximize the flash the earrings produce. They are so flashy though that they’re difficult to photograph — the yellow that appears along the edges of some of the stones is only a reflection. The silver-tone settings have clip-backs, which, unfortunately, are too short to sustain the weight of the large bottom stone in each earring. A clever buyer could remove that stone and attach smaller stones and/or crystal beads to the filigree back, and make these earrings more wearable.

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