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Diamanté & Gold Snake Chain 1950s Coro Necklace

Diamanté & Gold Snake Chain 1950s Coro Necklace


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17 1/2" x 5/8" (at the center)




c.1953 (based on design patent)


"Corocraft" (in script) and "DES. PAT. PEND."


Design patent D170,994 issued to Adolph Katz in 1953; magazine ad

This Coro necklace features gold-plated fretwork embellished with rows of gold-ended baguettes as its centerpiece, which reminds me of a cornucopia. A pear-shaped diamanté adorns the tail of the hook-and-tail closure of the snake chain. This piece is another great example of the work Adolph Katz produced for Coro’s high-end line. What’s interesting is that this piece appears in an October 1, 1953 Vogue ad with the following copy:  “excitingly beautiful as Paris by night … Vendome by Coro“.  (Vendome later became another one of the company’s high-end lines.) Also of interest is the difference of the clasp on the necklace versus that shown on the design patent.

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