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Emerald, Diamanté & Vermeil Sterling Coro Bouquet Brooch

Emerald, Diamanté & Vermeil Sterling Coro Bouquet Brooch


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3" x 2"






"Coro Craft" (in script) and "STERLING" on oval cartouche


Design patent D136,999 issued to Adolph Katz in 1944 (application filed in 1943); 1944 magazine ad

This Coro bouquet brooch is another beautiful Retro Modern design by Adolf Katz for Coro’s high-end line. This jewel features a gold-washed-sterling silver wide furled ribbon. It has one edge trimmed in diamanté and emerald-glass baguettes at the center of the curl. A cut in the ribbon holds four baguette-lined stems with faceted, oval, foil-backed emerald-glass flowers with diamanté accents. This piece has a complex construction, as illustrated by the rivets that bind the elements. The pin fastens with a roll-over safety clasp. This brooch was included in an ad in the August 1, 1944 issue of Vogue that featured Coro-Craft “Masterpieces of Fashion Jewelry”. The first image shows the brooch as it is positioned in the technical drawing for the design patent; the second shows it as positioned in the ad. You decide how to wear it!

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