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Black Enamel, Diamanté & Sterling Double-Clip Brooch by DeRosa

Black Enamel, Diamanté & Sterling Double-Clip Brooch by DeRosa


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Ralph DeRosa


Brooch: 2 1/4" x 1 1/8"; clip: 1 1/8" x 1 1/8"






"STERLING" on fur clips; "R.DEROSA" on frame

This enamel brooch with diamanté embellishments in a sterling silver setting was made by Ralph DeRosa in the 1950s. The detailed design is a fine example of this exceptional maker’s work. This piece can be worn as a single brooch or as separate fur clips. (The latter work well with heavier fabrics, such as wool dresses or blazers.) The photos show a third option: one clip worn as a pendant on a black rubber cord; you may prefer to use a gold chain. A 17-inch, 2mm black rubber cord with a stainless-steel twist lock (which is shown in the photo) is included with this purchase. I’ve also shown a single clip placed on my own white-gold-and-diamond chain, to show you how beautiful they look together. This necklace, obviously, is not included. I would wear faux or real diamond studs with this gorgeous piece.

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