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Glass Bead 2-Strand 1920s Necklace

Glass Bead 2-Strand 1920s Necklace


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Shorter strand with clasp: 15 3/8"; longer strand with clasp: 16 3/8"






"STERLING" on clasp

This vintage double strand necklace has faceted oval-glass beads with glass spacers. The concealed clasp on this elegant 1920s piece is topped with sterling silver filigree set with a faceted crystal stone. You can wear the necklace with the clasp in front, on the side, or in the back. A lovely jewel that goes with everything! Scroll down to see complimentary Art Deco crystal earrings. Or wear your diamond studs to compliment the clasp.

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    Crystal Chicklet Dangling Earrings

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    These dangling crystal earrings from the 1920s are formed by three faceted, square-cut chicklets, with a diamond-shaped stone set at the earlobe. These all-original screw-back earrings can be modified for pierced ears. The mountings and findings may be sterling silver, but only the screw-backs are marked. Because the chicklets are separated by rings, these earrings have lots of movement and light reflection. These Art Deco jewels sparkled on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week for Spring 2019. Scroll down to see a selection of complimentary pieces.