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Jade Bead 1950s Dangling Earrings by Louis Rousselet

Jade Bead 1950s Dangling Earrings by Louis Rousselet


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Louis Rousselet


1 1/2" x 1"






"FRANCE" (Rousselet pieces typically were signed with only paper hang tags)

Clusters of jade-green-glass barrel-shaped beads cascade in these delightful 1950s French ear clips. The color is a vibrant dark-apple green, with striations on some of the beads.  Though unsigned, these earrings feature the same style of ear clip typically used by Louis Rousselet. What’s more significant is the way the earrings are constructed: on the backs we see the flower-shaped links to which the beads are wired, a unique trait of this maker’s work. (Note that he typically signed his pieces with only a paper hang tag.) These earrings are perfect for any occasion.

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