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Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Flower Brooch by Marcel Boucher

Pearl, Diamanté & Gold Flower Brooch by Marcel Boucher


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Marcel Boucher


2 1/4" x 1 3/8"






"MB" with Phrygian cap and "Pat. Pend."


Design patent D151,493 issued to Marcel Boucher in 1948 (application filed in 1947)

This vintage gold flower brooch from the late-1940s is one of several versions Marcel Boucher created with petals that open and close. This design is often referred to as Day to Night. With its gold-tone petals and stem, and a faux pearl adorned with diamanté in the center, this brooch closes with a roll-over safety clasp. Note that the bright areas on the petals are only camera reflections. This piece is charming! A perfect adornment for women who look best in warm colors.

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