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Pearl & Emerald Glass Bead French 1950s Brooch

Pearl & Emerald Glass Bead French 1950s Brooch


Additional information


Louis Rousselet?


2 7/8" x 1 5/8"


Very good (the back of 1 pearl is peeling)





Glass pearls and emerald-green-blown-glass beads are hand-wired onto gilt metal in this 1950s French brooch with a trombone clasp. This beautiful three-dimensional piece is in the style of Louis Rousselet. Note that his work was usually signed only with a paper hang tag, so most of his surviving pieces remain unsigned. This spectacular brooch is right for day or evening wear. For a unique look, how about wearing this piece on a wedding gown? Scroll down to see French earrings from the same period and probably the same maker.

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    These 1950s pearl cluster earrings resemble a bunch of grapes. They are suspended from a large glass-pearl button mounted on a white-metal filigree back. Though unsigned, these ear clips have the traditional filigree back, ear-clip mechanism, and button-bead at the earlobe typically used by Louis Rousselet. Moreover, the unusual shape of the pearls could only have been made by someone of his caliber. (Note that Rousselet pieces were typically signed only with a paper hang tag.) These beautiful earrings are right for day, evening or bridal/ wedding/prom wear. Scroll down to see a gorgeous brooch with similar pearls and emerald blown-glass.