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Red Bakelite Brooch with Chrome

Red Bakelite Brooch with Chrome

$ 195

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3" x 3/8"


Excellent (pin stem is slightly bent)





This red Bakelite brooch is crafted from a cylinder of red plastic (Bakelite or Galalith?) wrapped in chrome. This Machine Age design reminds me of the work of the German maker Jakob Bengel. Early plastics were often combined with other materials during the 1930s. This piece closes with a simple C-clasp. Scroll down to see the perfect Machine Age earrings, which are by Bengel, to wear with this fashionable and fun brooch.

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    Jakob Bengel earrings in red and black Galalith
    $ 295

    Red & Black Galalith 1930s Jakob Bengel Earrings

    , ,
    $ 295

    Red & Black Galalith 1930s Jakob Bengel Earrings

    , ,
    These Jakob Bengel earrings feature raised black Galalith triangles with red Galalith slots. The chrome settings envelope the stones. A stack of chrome disks completes the design. I purchased these earrings from a Bengel expert in the UK. They came with their unmarked ear wires with lever backs for pierced ears, so I am unaware of the metal content. If you require sterling silver, a competent jeweler could switch the ear wires. Scroll down to see Jakob Bengel pieces that work beautifully with these earrings.
    $ 295