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Sapphire & Diamanté Layered Bow 1940s Brooch by Pennino

Sapphire & Diamanté Layered Bow 1940s Brooch by Pennino


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2 3/8" x 1 3/8"




Late 1940s? (based on non-use of sterling)



The design and construction of this late 1940s sapphire-and-diamanté-layered bow brooch by Pennino is so fine that I bought it for myself, but now I’m reluctantly offering it to a new home. The quality rivals that of precious jewelry, but this one is available for a fraction of the cost! The top layer features a pavé ribbon with sapphire rhinestones and diamanté, cinched with gold metal. The bottom layer has tiny sapphire rhinestones set in white metal. Pennino pieces are always exceptional, and this one is superb.

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