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Sapphire Melon Bead Necklace

Sapphire Melon Bead Necklace


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18 1/2" x 1/2"







This melon bead necklace in deep-sapphire-blue raises a simple strand of beads to new heights! Exactly when this piece was made is uncertain, but I associate glass beads molded in the shape of melons with the Art Deco era. This strand of uniformly-sized beads was professionally restrung with knots by my expert jeweler after these photos were taken. It closes with a filigree, gold-tone concealed clasp. Scroll down to see a complementary bracelet.

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  • Sterling silver filigree bracelet with sapphire & diamanté

    Sapphire, Diamanté & Sterling Filigree Bracelet by Granbery

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    Sapphire, Diamanté & Sterling Filigree Bracelet by Granbery

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    This sterling silver filigree bracelet by Granbery is a fine example of a style that was very popular in the 1920s. With its sapphire-glass baguettes and diamanté accents, this piece has the same construction and appearance as its fine jewelry counterpart. The excellent articulation and clasp with safety catch are the hallmarks of high-quality. Although one of the baguettes has a small surface chip, my expert jeweler has confirmed that the stone is firmly set. The bracelet looks perfect when worn. Granbery advertised their flexible bracelets in the June 1925 issue of The Keystone, a jewelry trade publication. Scroll down to see a selection of sapphire Art Deco necklaces and earrings to wear with this lovely piece.


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