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Sapphire Tulip Stone 1950s Brooch & Earrings Set by Pennino

Sapphire Tulip Stone 1950s Brooch & Earrings Set by Pennino


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Pennino Bros.


Brooch: 1 3/4" diameter; earrings: 1 1/2" x 1"






"PENNINO" on the brooch back and on each clip-back


1954 "Vogue" ad

This 1950s rhodium-plated brooch and earrings set by Pennino features sapphire glass tulip-shaped stones topped with and surrounded by diamanté. (Except for their color, the diamanté-topped sapphire stones in this set are the same as those shown in a March 15, 1954 Vogue ad, which featured a gold-plated parure with “the exclusive Pennino white tulip stone”.) The detail and construction of this set are superb. The brooch closes with a roll-over safety clasp, and the earrings are clip-backs.


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