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Diamanté & Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet by Otis

Diamanté & Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet by Otis


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7" x 1/4"




Mid- to late-1930s


"STERLING PAT. 3 20 17"

This silver buckle bracelet features two rows of round diamanté set in sterling. The concealed clasp has a flat, rectangular tongue with a floral-decorated release button in the center; the straight safety-clasp swivels. This style of clasp was used by Wachenheimer Brothers (“WB”) late in their production. The back is stamped “3 20 17”, the date the patent was issued to them for the way the links are connected. However, even though this bracelet has these WB characteristics, it doesn’t have the Diamonbar mark. Some of the components or the entire piece may have been made by WB, but I believe this bracelet was sold by Otis, the company that purchased the equipment and inventory from WB after they went out of business. Read more about the connection between these companies. Scroll down to see a selection of lovely coordinating pieces.

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