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Sterling Silver Choker by Walter Lampl

Sterling Silver Choker by Walter Lampl


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Walter Lampl


14 1/2" x 3/8"




c.1946-1947 (based on magazine ad)


"WL" (in script) within shield and "STERLING" on clasp tongue


May 1947 ad in "The Jewelers' Circular-Keystone"

This sterling silver choker by Walter Lampl was the height of style in the mid- to late-1940s. The simplicity of this piece makes it wearable with almost anything. This well-constructed necklace closes with a concealed clasp. This choker was made for a slim neck, even though the construction allows for a bit of stretch. Please note the length (14 1/2″), and measure your neck before making this purchase. This jewel was advertised in the May 1947 issue of The Jewelers’ Circular – Keystone (a trade publication). I wrote a blog post about two stars who wore this style of necklace in 1940s films, as part of my Jewelry in the Movies series. Cate Blanchett wore a gold version in the 2015 film Carol. You can see this Lampl sterling jewel on my favorite model in this blog post.

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