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Turquoise & Sapphire 1950s Earrings by Alice Caviness

Turquoise & Sapphire 1950s Earrings by Alice Caviness

$ 165

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Alice Caviness


1 1/8" diameter






"ALICE CAVINESS" in block letters

An unusual textured turquoise glass stone is the centerpiece of these 1950s earrings by Alice Caviness. It is shaped like a thick button and has some sparkle in it. Aurora borealis sapphire glass stones and turquoise glass beads set in gold-tone filigree surround half of the turquoise center. These beads are mounted (wired?) onto a filigree back that holds the ear clip. The earrings face each other, so they beautifully frame the face when worn. This pair showcase this designer’s clever mix of colors and materials.

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