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Chrome Necklace & Bracelet with Glass Links

Chrome Necklace & Bracelet with Glass Links


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Jakob Bengel?


Necklace: 14 3/4" x 7/8"; bracelet: 7 1/4" x 7/8"








Moro, p.236

This necklace and matching bracelet with chrome and molded glass links is so unusual that its origin has been debated by the expert in European costume jewelry – Ginger Moro. Her book European Designer Jewelry describes the pieces as Belgian (where the Art Deco style was “a synthesis of French and German styles”). When I purchased the set, she told me that she had bought it in Brussels about 40 years ago from a dealer who also had sold her some Bengel jewelry. At that time, before the first Bengel book was published, no one knew about the firm. Since then, Moro and the dealer have decided that this set had to be by Bengel for three reasons: “nobody else was doing any chrome jewelry that sophisticated”; the dealer had bought it from the same source as other Bengel pieces; and they discovered that Bengel was working with glass links. I don’t think the maker matters. This Machine Age look is modern and striking! The color of the glass segments, which are pale pink in reality, is very difficult to capture in photographs. As Ginger said, the glass “melts into your skin”. The necklace closes with a hook; the bracelet has a spring-ring clasp. This necklace was made for a slim neck, so please note the length (14 3/4″) and check your neck size before purchasing this set.

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