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Black Diamanté Vintage Tank Track Brooch by Schreiber & Hiller

Black Diamanté Vintage Tank Track Brooch by Schreiber & Hiller


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Schreiber & Hiller


3 1/4" x 3/8"






"DRGM 1138525"


German utility patent # 1138525 issued to Schreiber & Hiller in 1930

This vintage tank track brooch is an unusual application of this classic Machine Age pattern. Schreiber & Hiller have made it even more distinctive by using black diamanté channel-set in slender, slightly curved links on the outside and a double-row of smaller, slightly lighter stones inside. The difference in colors is very subtle. At 3 ¼” long, this piece is a fabulous and versatile example of the era. This brooch closes with a trombone clasp.

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