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Client Praise

  • Thank you so much for your great service. I have already received the beautiful necklace. The clasp has a great heft to it and very finely made. Most importantly, it fits my neck perfectly. Thank you again!

    Zinnia, Australia
  • I am absolutely thrilled with my purchases and the only disappointment is that I did not buy more. We have such a shared love of jewelry and your depth of knowledge feeds my interest. I can hardly wait to wear my pieces and I will with pride! Thank you very much. I am an even bigger fan than I was before.

    Lori, Ontario
  • I would like to thank you for your site. You have a knack for picking up some very interesting pieces I have never seen before!

    Mary, Missouri
  • I am sitting here writing to you, wearing my beautiful amethyst earrings!!!  I just adore them.  Thank you so very much for having them in the first place for me to admire on your site and then decide to purchase.  They will be worn with so much, and I know I will feel very special every time I wear them.

    Vicki, Australia
  • Thank you so much for venturing out to the country and showing me your beautiful treasures. I really appreciate the extra effort and am very happy with the bracelets that I selected.

    Daria, Ontario
  • Want to let you know I got my earrings. They are gorgeous!

    Sharon, North Carolina

Reader Praise

  • Your fashion sets beautifully show how to wear vintage jewelry. Nicely done!

    Margaret, Kentucky
  • I will be reading your article tonite. Thank you for sharing. I love all your articles.

    Mary, Texas
  • I love, love, love that you included the patent drawings! Techies like me gobble this stuff up. Your blog is always full of surprises, Barbara.

    Billie, New York
  • Thank you for another wonderful article. My own love of old movies goes back almost before my love of any and all jewelry which started in my teens. I have seen this movie many times and loved it for many reasons and now you have brought more value to watching it again! Thank you for sharing such insight and details. You are a gem!

    Lori, Ontario
  • I really love the looks you posted on Polyvore!

    Neli, New York
  • A great article – as always, interesting & well written, & the personal aspect is particularly appealing.

    Patricia, Ontario

Lecture Praise

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you gave to our chapter. It was entertaining and very informative. I loved the Downton Abbey references and the history of fashion and jewelry. My personal favourite part of the presentation was using the Art Deco pieces to accessorize today’s fashions, and how they work well whether you are dressed up or down.

    Mirella, Ontario
  • Barbara did an excellent job presenting on the topic of Art Deco jewelry at our Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l convention in 2013. She was knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate about her work as a public speaker as well being enthusiastic about the topic she covered. We would certainly welcome her back to future conferences to further share her expertise with our attendees.

    Pam, Texas
  • Barbara, an expert jewelry historian, presented an engaging and informative lecture. Her understanding of the jewelry industry and her passion for jewelry studies are evidence by her thorough lectures. She is a tremendous asset to the community.

    Melinda, California
  • As for what I found interesting in your webinar — I have to say that it was all riveting. I particularly liked the historical aspect and how it influenced the style of jewellery.  The visuals were stunning, and, of course, very helpful.

    Lynda, Ontario

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