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  • 1940s gas pipe bracelet with buckle
  • Citrine & golden topaz chicklet necklace
  • Art Deco peridot pendant earrings
  • Diamante brooch by Miriam Haskell

Exquisite vintage jewelry for women with far from ordinary tastes

TruFaux Jewels offers elegant and unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, clips, and accessories by notable American and European designers, from the flapper style to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

How to Wear Vintage

  • 1950s ruby snowflake ear clips by Schreiner
  • 1950s emerald, diamante & pearl ear clips by Schreiner
  • Black Bakelite & diamante pendant earrings
  • Crystal & glass briolette ear pendants

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Understanding Vintage
Costume Jewelry

It takes a practiced eye and solid expertise to recognize a true vintage costume jewelry piece. Barbara shares with you some essentials on the art of investigating what makes a jewel unique to an era and a maker.


About Barbara

TruFaux Jewels founder Barbara Schwartz is a passionate collector of vintage costume jewelry, who shares her love through her collections, through her writing, and directly with the women she helps adorn. She believes jewelry is meant to be worn, not stored in a drawer or bank vault. Barbara wants every woman who buys her pieces to feel extraordinary while wearing them.

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