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Back to Office Edit

Back to Office Edit
February 28, 2023 Barbara Schwartz
Office Jewelry - Diamanté & Bead Flower Earrings by Miriam Haskell

Are you joining the many going back to the office at least a few days a week? If you are looking at an unworn work wardrobe, you might be in a tight spot. Everything looks old and unstylish. Maybe things don’t fit the way they used to. How can you revive your routine without breaking the bank? I have an affordable solution: Use vintage costume jewelry to change your office look! Here is my “back to office edit” with some daytime office jewelry and simple, fresh ways to wear these vintage gems.

Be Bold with Beads

Vintage art glass or metal beads add color and fashion without being blingy. Choose a vintage bead necklace to compliment a simple dress, collared shirt or turtleneck. Remember to change out your yoga pants for nice office-appropriate jeans (if you can). Less is more with beaded necklaces. Just one strand will make you look office-appropriate as you head out the door. No need for any other jewelry. And, yes, you can still wear flats so you can make the metro and get there on time.

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Brooch the Subject

Vintage brooches are brilliant at varying the same outfit. You can wear them in so many ways: on a collar, shoulder, sleeve, or pocket; or even on a fabric belt, hat, shoe or handbag! Some vintage brooches can be easily converted to a pendant on a chain, leather cord or ribbon. And maybe wearing a vintage brooch might remind you to broach the subject of a promotion with your boss!

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Bracelet Yourself

A vintage bracelet or bangle can add just the right amount of personality to your office outfit. Many going back to the office are facing a totally new environment and even meeting new colleagues for the first time in person. After these last few isolated years, we could all use a brush up on business social skills, like extending a confident handshake. A vintage bracelet on your wrist makes that old-school gesture all the more memorable.

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Earrings for Everyday

Vintage earrings come in many styles that are-appropriate office jewelry. Go for earrings that are a little bigger and that add colour or texture so you will be all dressed for IRL or FaceTime at the office. Vintage earrings were often made with a matching brooch or necklace, but no need to wear them together anymore.

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From Day to Night

Each of these vintage pieces can take you from the office to in-person social gatherings with a renewed sense of style. Have fun with vintage costume jewelry!

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